We are a boutique agency specializing in digital and social media.  Our team is a savvy group of high energy superstars driven by the success of our clients.  Crafters of full scale marketing plans - Yalla knows search engine optimization, retargeting, social, digital, influencer & traditional marketing, online brand management, public relations & events.  We love small business', but  can engineer & execute strategic plans for any budget.


Yalla PR uniquely handles all of its marketing in-house, ensuring that its clients tactics and strategy is touched by the Yalla team hands on a daily basis.

Why Yalla?

We threw around ideas for our company name for months. We loved the idea about capturing our personalities, energy and who we are as women. We like to work hard, have fun and above all, we are proud southern women. We wanted to make sure all of those were visible and heard in our company name. One word we love to use that symbolizes us? Y'all. We decided to put a fun twist on the word, that was sure to make everyone smile! Welcome to Yalla Public Relations, where we hope to make your brand HOLLA!

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